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Luxury vinyl flooring info that will answer your questions

We certainly won't be able to give you every piece of luxury vinyl flooring info here today, but we'd like to get started moving in the right direction. It's important to understand this material if you are considering it for your home. There are many ways it can serve you.

Whether you’re looking for a floor covering that offers the best durability or the best looks, you’ll likely find it all right here in this one product line. Offering a variety of colors and patterns as well as materials that mimic real wood, stone, and tile, you’re sure to find the perfect complement for your décor.

It’s easy to love luxury vinyl flooring

You’ll find many excellent benefits in luxury vinyl flooring, not the least of which is its beautiful appearance options. Once you choose the one that best suits your décor matching needs, you’ll be well on your way to finalizing all the other options as well.

In luxury vinyl, you can choose the thickness of the wear layer atop the image layer, for the amount of durability you need in your home. Thinner layers, of course, offer a bit less protection, while thicker layers offer more. The busier your household, or if you have pets or children, the thicker that layer should be.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Carterville, IL from Floorscapes
Under certain circumstances, you might also want to choose a waterproof option to give you the peace of mind you truly deserve. With this material in place, you'll never have to worry about taking on water damage from dampness, spills, accidents, or leaks. Even temperature changes will not affect your floors.

For installation purposes, the job is quick and easy. Your installation team will be in and out quickly, leaving you with gorgeous, functional floors you can walk on as soon as the installation is finished.

We want to earn your luxury vinyl flooring business

If you’re in the areas of Marion, Carbondale, Herrin, Harrisburg, or Carterville, you’re in a great location to visit our showroom in Marion, IL. There, you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable associates who are ready to offer you a wealth of luxury vinyl flooring info.

When you arrive, we’ll make sure to get to know your flooring requirements and help match them as closely as possible. We’ll even go on to install your flooring once you’ve picked the one you simply can’t do without.