What types of patterns are available in carpet flooring?

What types of patterns are available in carpet flooring?

Plenty of visual options in carpeting make it a good decor match. However, you're sure to find your perfect match with many choices.

The more you know about what's available in these visuals, the better. So here are some pattern options you're sure to love.

Bold carpet trends for interest

Bold patterns and designs are a trending feature that homeowners can appreciate. They draw the eye and create a focal experience, mainly when used as area rugs.

These patterns might not appeal to every homeowner, but they'll keep you current for years. Choose a floor covering that caters to your interior design for the best fit.

Multi-color patterns that last

Multi-color options will match almost any decor style, especially with suitable options. Choose each color with care to best fit the design scheme in your rooms.

These trends look to remain current well into the future. And you can even change decor elements without going out of style.

Floral patterns are back and hot

Floral patterns are no longer considered vintage because they're just as trendy now. Be sure to view the carpeting variety available to you to find out how they match your need.

These work well, whether a soft or bold focus is needed. And you can opt for the best colors and fiber lengths to define your space.

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