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What determines carpet durability?

Durability is the first and most crucial question when choosing a brand new carpet flooring. Today, we're going to talk more about what determines your carpet's durability, so be sure to read along with us now for more information and answers.

Your carpet flooring will fit your requirements

Your best carpet flooring should fit your needs for stunning visuals, an effective lifespan, and easy-to-maintain options. Still, it should also be durable enough for whatever daily wear your home puts out. But what determines the durability of a carpet?

The most critical factor in a durable floor covering is the fiber, usually made of wool, polyester, nylon, etc. Nylon is the most robust material, offering superb performance under heavy traffic, while polyester promises the best protection from stains.

However, if you want complete peace of mind in any room in your home, regardless of traffic, be sure to ask about materials that provide built-in stain and odor protection. This protection is built-in, so it’s in place forever and protects you from stains, bacteria growth, foul odors, and premature wear, so be sure to ask about your options while you’re here with us.

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